A successful organization is defined by the success of its projects.  Whether it’s just a few or even quite a lot, an organization’s ultimate success is tied to its projects.  So, what is the key to ensuring any project’s success?  To uncover the answer to this question, it is best to understand the root causes of project failures.  By examining these, an organization will be better prepared to achieve success.  The top three causes of project failure are outlined below:


1)  Unclear project leader:  The key to a project’s success lies with the leader who can clearly articulate the project goals, motivate the team, facilitate project plan development, ensure task compliance and effectively communicate the team’s progress to the rest of the organization.

2) Unclear goals and objectives:  Clarifying the goals and objectives leads to the establishment of clear expectations.

3) Difficult communications:  It is easy to encounter challenges in communications even under the best of circumstances.  When you add a bit of politics and sensitive or easily bruised egos to the mix, it can get quite challenging.  So, it is important to communicate using different methods.  Similar to a teacher, a team leader must find alternate ways of communicating the same message and eventually, they’ll get it.

By keeping an eye out for these challenges, an organization will be well on the road to project success.

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