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Agile Testing: Proceed With Caution

Continual testing is one of the inherent hallmarks of the agile method. As a result, programmers are now required to conduct more testing as part of their job, prior to handing off to the software testers. This means that agile testers are expected to test on changing requirements and codes without having any formal requirement documents. During this time, agile testers will most likely run into a few challenges. Below we have listed these potential pitfalls along with a few suggestions for overcoming them: Read more ›

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Building Healthy Teams

Leaders definitely have their work cut out for them. And successful leaders even more so. Without a healthy team environment, a leader can easily fall short of his objectives regardless of the organization’s business competencies and abilities. In fact, one of the key drivers of achievement is a healthy team culture. So how can leaders begin creating the right level of health? By focusing upon a few of the points listed below, leader can certainly enhance their team’s personal relationship building for the benefit of the organization. Read more ›

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Driving Agile Planning

The good thing about Agile methodology is that it is so fluid and allows team members with different skills set to come together as a team of equals to achieve a common goal. Within this framework, each and every team member is given an equal voice. They are free to express themselves and offer guidance, based upon their professional expertise, regardless of their actual role in the project. Read more ›

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The Reluctant Executive

We all have a role to play in our organization: he does the “techie” thing, she does the planning, and they will take care of the implementation. Even the supervisor can no longer just sit back and watch his staff just run with it! Read more ›

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Why Even Test It?

When some of us hear the word “test”, we tend to cringe. For many, the very notion of testing implies that there is the possibility of failure. However, in the world of software development, this is the very reason why testing is done – to ensure that the end product will not ultimately fail in the hands of its intended end user. In the software development life cycle, there are distinct testing phases that must occur. Read more ›

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