Certified to Be Agile

The question is no longer whether or not to become agile, but when. Agile has evolved from a grassroots movement to change software development into a rather mainstream approach. Companies and organizations are increasingly adopting an agile project management approach over the more traditional waterfall methodology. The main objective of this new technique is the delivery of the best product possible. To achieve this, the methodology of Agile Project Management focuses on the customer, recognizes the constantly changing environment of business organizations, and encourages human interaction for the delivery of high quality software. The project team as a whole must be ready and willing to adapt to change, drive innovation, and deliver on-time business value.


For the project manager overseeing this process, it is important that he/she possesses the requisite leadership ability to drive this change. Many project managers are technical specialists who require additional training to lead a project team. With proper training, technical professionals such as project managers, analysts, developers, programmers, and testers can gain valuable insights for managing or collaborating in agile software projects. Certifications, such as the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) allows participant to easily grasp new Agile project management concepts and techniques. Through case studies and workshops, training courses such as these can also impart useful knowledge for real-life business cases as well as for the preparation of the ACP exam.

While agile-specific certifications are still new, they will undoubtedly continue to gain popularity throughout the industry. Even now, certifications such as the ACP can provide the technical professional with immediate credibility since it has rigid experience requirements in addition to the required training. Ultimately, a certification in Agile project management will validate the technical professional’s understanding of Agile principles and practices.

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