Driving Agile Planning

The good thing about Agile methodology is that it is so fluid and allows team members with different skills set to come together as a team of equals to achieve a common goal. Within this framework, each and every team member is given an equal voice. They are free to express themselves and offer guidance, based upon their professional expertise, regardless of their actual role in the project.


So when it comes to leading an Agile initiative, there is no set criteria. It is simply a matter of choosing who exactly would be the best fit for the leadership role for the current project. This, however, depends on the nature of the project at hand. For example, if the project consists of a largely technical endeavor such as moving a site from one platform to another (i.e. replatforming), then it makes sense to select a leader with a more technical perspective. On the other hand, if the project entails developing a new product of feature, then it’s important to choose someone with more of a business perspective. At other times, the project may require focusing on technical, business, and customer objectives, and therefore require a project leader with all three perspectives.

The driver of an Agile project may vary from project to project depending on the nature of the effort, but the ultimate outcome should remain the same: all team members working together and learning from one another to make sure that the project goal is accomplished.

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