Have you ever been going about your work day only to be interrupted by that dreaded question?  As a manager, this little phrase can open up the floodgates to a whole host of issues.  It could be as innocuous as an employee who needs to take some impromptu time off or another who wants to complain about his already full plate of job tasks.  Or it may just mean that you are about to be given some unexpected input or feedback.


Given the fast-paced arena of the industry, IT leaders should be prepared to receive feedback from their employees.  In fact, a good manager actually encourages employees to provide him/her with consistent feedback.  While this approach can be viewed as courageous, it is actually an opportunity to learn and progress.  It is important to obtain your employee’s feedback to better understand your overall impact on your team as well as to help you adapt your behavioral responses in order to become more effective in the workplace.

As an IT leader, you need to remain open and receptive to receiving feedback from your employees by:

– Listening to them carefully

– Seeking to understand their point of view

– Asking relevant questions

– Avoiding becoming defensive or emotional

Once you have understood the helpful pointer(s), thank the employee for taking the time to discuss the particular work-related issue with you.  Then be sure to use the feedback as a guide towards helping you improve your own performance and catapulting you to the next level of your professional success.

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