Organizational change is a phrase that can spark a healthy dose of anxiety in employees.   Sprinkle in yet another term – information technology (IT) – and you have a professional cocktail that inspires a bit of unease.

For starters, some people simply don’t like change because it means having to navigate uncharted waters.  Undergoing change infringes upon their comfort zone, because they will be asked to do away with many of the day-to-day functions with which they are familiar.  To ease this apprehension, here are a few points to help facilitate the transition during IT-related organizational changes.


  • Why is change necessary for our organization?
    Often, the organization must update outmoded technology which is negatively impacting the workflow.
    – Beware of resistance from staff and management.  Any delays in implementation can actually compromise the expected savings of the anticipated changes, and lead to increased costs.
  • How can upgrading our IT systems help us?
    Changing the IT infrastructure can contribute to creating more efficient work processes.  However, it is important to obtain the buy-in and support of management and staff
    – Beware of the tendency to provide too much technical information.  Employees are not necessarily interested in the IT jargon – they just want to know how the new system will help them work more efficiently (and help them keep their jobs).
  • What will we get out of this?
    Many times, the main reason that an IT system is are overhauled is to allow the organization to improve its customer service (both externally and internally).
    – Beware of inadequately communicating the implementation plan for the new IT system.  The organization should ensure that a communications strategy is created to inform the employees of how and when these changes will take place.

Another helpful strategy is to provide examples of other organizations that have experienced similar changes.  This can help the employees be more accepting of the IT change that is coming their way.

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