Gone are the days in which you could easily set up your password by entering your unique birthday as a two-digit month, day, and year.  Nowadays, given the heightened need for online security, setting up a password has become somewhat of an art.   In the current password driven world, it is increasingly necessary to invent strong passwords for accessing your preferred websites and online accounts.


Here are some helpful tips for successfully creating unbreakable passwords:

1) Avoid common words:  Basically, this means any word/phrase taken from the dictionary.  If you really must go this route, be sure to combine the chosen word/phrase with some upper/lower case letters, numbers, and/or special characters.

2) Change them often:  You should set up a reasonable schedule for frequently changing your password(s) – each month, every quarter, each year (for example, on your birthday), etc…

3) Make them uniquely different:  Consider using different passwords for your online accounts. This could prove to be particularly useful for salvaging access to your other accounts if another one was hacked along the way.

4) Create an acronym:  Choose a favorite phrase or string of words, use the first letters to make an acronym of it, and you have generated your new password.

5)  Use third-party software tools:  For those of us who feel less creative (or overwhelmed by all of these tips!), you can go to the online tool “Make me a Password” ( for quick and useful password suggestions.

If in doubt, you can always consult this fun online resource “How Secure is My Password?” ( which gives you an idea of how long it would take to hack your password.

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