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Agile for Managers

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Product Description

Managers and executives struggle to properly support staff and Agile teams and therefore the full benefits of Agile are often left un-realized. This intensive 3-Day Learning Event gives you the knowledge and skill to create high-performance Agile teams and processes anywhere in your organization.


This course is for anyone who is an executive or manager including functional managers, business managers, project managers, product managers. Attendees must have done either basic reading about an agile method (e.g. the Scrum Guide, the OpenAgile Primer, etc.) and/or attended a one or two-day introductory Learning Event.


  • Participants who successfully complete this training workshop will be able to…
    • Understand and explain Agile concepts and benefits to their staff
    • Sell an Agile transformation within their organization
    • Choose and appropriate Agile method and Agile practices for your circumstances and type of work
    • Support Agile teams and staff
    • Use Agile methods to improve their own management work
    • Initiate and support a transition from non-Agile to Agile in their organization


    • Brief Review of Agile
      • History (lean manufacturing, product development, software development)
      • Foundations (Agile Manifesto, Declaration of Interdependence, Agile Axioms)
      • Principles (learning/mastery, value-orientation/purpose, self-organization/autonomy)
      • Types of Agile (Scrum, OpenAgile, Kanban, Extreme Programming, FDD, DSDM, Crystal, Lean Software, etc.)
      • Successes (enterprise, startup, non-software)
    • Benefits and Risks of Agile
      • Business Benefits
      • Staff Benefits
      • Project Benefits
      • Operational Benefits
      • Management Benefits
      • Costs for Adoption
      • Ongoing Costs
      • Abandonment Costs
      • Risks and Failure Modes
    • Experiencing Agile
      • Planning a Project
      • Planning a Cycle
      • Executing a Cycle
      • Debrief
    • Choosing an Agile Method – General Considerations
      • Cultural Factors
      • Type of Work (project/operations, business/technical domain)
      • Urgency (business conditions, morale, deadlines)
      • Support (management, external resources, staff experience)
    • Workshop: Agile for Us – Decision Matrix
      • Identifying the Gap
      • Considering all Factors
      • Rating the Factors
      • Sanity-Check
      • Discussion
    • Supporting Agile Teams
      • Servant Leadership vs. Change Management vs. Status Quo Management
      • Removing Obstacles
      • Team Focus vs. Functional, Matrix, Project or Line of Business Focus
      • Performance Evaluation
      • Role Transitioning
      • Training and Coaching
      • Career Paths
      • Metrics, Reporting Up and Budgeting
      • Metrics and Reporting Down
    • Agile Adoption and Agile Transformation
      • Practices
      • Tools
      • Habits and Culture
      • Existing Organizational Initiatives (e.g. ISO, CMM/I, Lean/Six-Sigma, Covey)
      • Adoption and Transformation Models (grassroots, executive, pilot project, practice-based)
      • Agile Transformation Team
      • Building Internal Capacity
      • Measuring the Results of Agile
    • Workshop: Our Impediments to Successful Agile
      • Process Impediments
      • Human Impediments
      • Structural Impediments
      • Cultural Impediments
      • Other Impediments
    • Agile for Management
      • Agile Transformation Team (cont.)
      • Management Teams
      • Other Management Projects
      • Operations
      • Executive Management
    • Scaling Agile / Enterprise Agile
      • Large Projects
      • Program Management
      • Lean Organization / Lean Thinking
      • Agile Interfacing with Non-Agile Work
      • Agile and Vendors
      • Agile and Clients
    • Management Pitfalls
      • Lack of Management Support / Empowerment
      • Resistance to Change
      • Underestimating the Cost of Change (money, time, morale)
      • Team Development / Storming as Failure
      • Success & Failure vs. Crisis & Victory and a Learning Process
      • The Nature of Experiments
    • Workshop: Creating a Plan
      • Where are We Now?
      • Review Impediments (and update)
      • Goal / Vision
      • Support Plan
      • Communication Plan
      • Adoption / Transformation Model
      • Who? When?
      • What Support do We Need?

    Open Q&A


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