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Coaching Skills for IT Professionals

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Product Description

Effective coaching builds skill and confidence in the individual being coached, and is an essential skill in today’s workplace. A flexible and motivated workforce is built through effective coaching. Knowing how and when to coach others is the focus of this course.

This course covers the essential skills and techniques to effectively coach a willing, or less willing, individual.


Any IT professional


Upon completion of this course, participants will know

  • the benefits of coaching and being an effective coach,
  • how to give effective feedback,
  • when to coach and when not to coach,
  • how to set behaviourally anchored coaching goals,
  • how to coach for performance,
  • the relationship between coaching and motivation and how to maintain motivation in the individual they are coaching.

Course Content – overview

Key learning components of this course include:

  • Principles of effective coaching – what is effective coaching and how to set up the coaching relationship for maximum effectiveness.
  • The Rules Of Coaching – essential rules a coach must follow when coaching others.
  • Coaching and Feedback – know how and when to give feedback that motivates and builds confidence – knowing that actions, words, and behaviours that will motivate one person will demotivate another.
  • Establishing behavioural performance goals – to measure progress and motivate.
  • Coaching in a hostile environment – how to coach when coaching may not be welcome.


Anyone who wants to be an effective coach to others and maximize personal effectiveness.




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