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Communication Skills for IT Professionals

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Product Description

Effective communication skills are essential for success. Participants in this course learn essential communication skills and strategies necessary for managing business relationships in today’s fast-paced, demanding IT environment. Practical skills, within a communication skills best practices framework, are taught through a series of lectures, hands-on workshops, and case-studies designed to give all course participants practical experience in the communication skills essential to building and maintaining business relationships.

Participants learn about their own preferred communication style and how to adapt their preferred communication style to be more effective when communicating with others in both one-to-one and group settings.

Topics covered include how to communicate technical information to a non-technical audience, principles of influencing using communication, assertive versus passive communication, delivering unexpected and/or unpleasant news, and using communication skills to effectively manage expectations, and manage conflict.
Any IT professional who wants effective communication skills that will build and maintain business relationships with both IT and non-IT colleagues.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

      • state the importance of effective communication in building and maintaining effective business relationships,
      • communicate and present technical information to a non-technical audience,
      • prepare a simple and effective communication plan for use in ongoing projects,
      • ask effective questions to better understand expectations and influence others,
      • improve the amount of information retained through active listening,
      • create a relevant framework for managing the expectations of others,
      • communicate unforeseen or negative changes in a collaborative manner,
      • constructively approach and manage conflict


Key learning components of this course include:

  • Defining effective interpersonal communication
  • Understanding our preferred communication style
    • determining individual communication style and its impact on others,
    • adapting a preferred communication style for improved interpersonal communication with others.
  • Developing an effective interpersonal communication approach –using the concept of story to frame effective communication and to influence others.
  • Communicating technical information to non-technical individuals.
  • Using recognized communication skills Best Practices
    • to be more effective in communicating with business partners,
    • to better manage the expectations of others.
  • Developing an effective ongoing communication plan.
  • Active listening – using active listening to maximize retention of information.
  • Asking effective questions – to maximize information gathering efforts and influence others.
  • Defining expectations vs requirements – understanding the fundamental differences between expectations and requirements.
  • Influencing the outcome – learning proven techniques to influence others.
  • Using Key Messages to communicate effectively – using a proven key message format to influence others and manage expectations.
  • Communicating unexpected or unwanted news effectively – using proven techniques to communicate unexpected negative news.
  • Building trust through communications skills.
  • Addressing conflict positively – using proven steps and approaches to resolve conflict.


A desire to improve interpersonal communication effectiveness and enhance interpersonal relationships.


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