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Design Thinking Boot Camp

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Product Description

Arising from early visual design and ideation practices, design thinking has evolved over time into both a philosophy for solving complex problems as well as a concrete methodology for designing and building solutions. This design thinking course teaches you both. During this fast-paced workshop, you will experience a hands-on journey through the design thinking process. Led by an expert with deep experience leading teams who design and build solutions in real-world environments, you and your peers will collaborate to define problems and solve them using design thinking techniques. You will learn a straightforward process for problem definition, ideation, teaming, testing solutions and applying the process of solution building in your own organizational environment.


In this Design Thinking Course, You Will Learn:

  • The components of design thinking
  • How to define users and customers
  • Distinguishing symptoms, problems, and root causes
  • How to have repeatable “a-ha” moments
  • How to define a future state for solution paths
  • How to prototype rapidly
  • Agile practices for iteration
  • Keep human qualities at the center of the design
  • Apply design thinking to non-traditional roles
Introduction: What do we mean by design…and what are we thinking?
Step 1: Framing problems

Step 2: Divergent ideation

Step 3: Convergent ideation
Step 4: Testing Solution candidates

Step 5: Iterating on solutions

Teaming for design and solution building

Obstacles to design thinking in organizations



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