Set Your Priorities Straight

Software development tends to be both a technical and creative task. Tackling the software part requires technical skills, while the development part involves much creativity. In a group setting, each of these aspects can easily get amplified when it comes time to establishing the requirements. This means that it is important to create a set of house rules to keep all of these requirements in order. For many project managers, it is not always evident which method to even choose for setting up the team’s priorities. Some elect to follow the traditional method of placing things into buckets which categorize the requirements by high, medium, and low. This approach seems to work well until the entire team realizes just how many options have made their way into the high priority bucket. How can they possibly weigh the value of each option and decide which ones are truly the most important?


As an alternative strategy, it has been suggested to use the 20/20 Vision approach. This exercise involves following the line of reasoning used during a visit to the optometrist. In essence, the team members must weigh two options and determine which one is better – this one (A) or that one (B)? By participating in this exercise, the team is able to consider the requirements that are critical to the project’s success and then establish a corresponding prioritized list. With this in hand, the team can then set out to pursue the tasks that are truly important, rather than trying to tackle everything on their list.

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