SOA Revealed

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Services is an architectural approach that supports service orientation. It defines, links, and integrates reusable business services which have clearly defined boundaries. In essence, it is a way for building business processes by providing the glue that holds all of the applications tightly together. The basic architecture of SOA is comprised of a service provider, service, and an optional service directory.


SOA is built upon standards that are acknowledged and supported by major IT providers. As a result, software helps with the integration of business processes since it can be quickly and easily integrated within and across their organizations. Therefore, when confronting general business and/or technical problems, the SOA approach can be applied to maximize the benefits of existing assets. SOA can bring an organization’s internal IT infrastructure to a higher, more visible, and manageable level. In fact, SOA actually takes IT to a higher level that is more appropriate for interoperability and heterogeneous environments.

In recent years, most companies have been investing in SOA services technologies. SOA has been recognized to be a vital component in successfully planning for a company’s future. Although the initial investment can be costly, SOA will likely result in increased productivity and efficiency as well as enhanced customer satisfaction.

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