SOA has been proven to increase the efficiency and productivity of businesses.  It can be especially helpful for assisting companies in circumventing expensive point-to-point integration projects that must be repeated with each product upgrade.  Given that SOA can be a costly initiative, it is essential that its implementation be carefully planned and carried out.


Here are some steps to help businesses ensure that your organization’s SOA implementation is successful:

1)  Create a Team:  This team should be comprised of senior executives as well as IT staff who will be able to communicate throughout the project implementation.

2) Develop Realistic Goals:  These goals should be suitable for your company’s needs.  However, it is best to pursue only one business area in which SOA will have the greatest benefit.

3) Organize your Data:  This usually requires developing a master data management (MDM) tool to adequately fuel this step.

4) Build or Procure your Tool: Your company can either choose to build or procure a pre-built tool that can facilitate the SOA deployment.

5) Track with Metrics:  This is important for measuring the success of your implementation process.

6) Stay Focused:  Keep the implementation process on track, since it may take some time for the complete integration to be achieved on an organization-wide level.

With these points in mind, your organization can be sure to pave the way for the successful implementation of SOA.

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