Technology now pervades every aspect of our lives – from the workplace to the home.  We simply cannot escape the incredibly strong pull that technology has upon us.  With that, comes an inordinate amount of expectation regarding the technological tools upon which we have come to rely.  If anything goes haywire, we immediately contact an IT professional to remedy the situation ASAP!


Between the initial downtime and the final fix, a lot of customer anxiety can rise to the surface, leaving the IT professional with the responsibility of managing their customer’s expectations.  Nowadays, the best IT professionals are not necessarily the ones who are the most technically competent, but rather the ones who are able to manage their customer’s expectations. In fact, information technology has primarily become a service industry, meaning that the service skills of IT professionals are just as important as their technical skills.  For those technicians who originally went into this particular sector because of their passion for the science behind the technology, they must now also be able to provide good business service.  It is incumbent upon them to communicate realistic timelines for delivering their product (or service) to their customer.

In the business world, there is often a sharp disconnect between the IT professionals and their customers.   This can lead to an inability for IT professionals to effectively manage their central role as service providers. The key to overcoming this obstacle is for IT professionals to align their customer’s expectations with their own department’s capability for providing the needed service.  Only then, will they be able determine how long it will take to deliver their service so that they can properly communicate this to their customer in their own terms and provide them with more manageable expectations that will ensure their ultimate satisfaction.

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