Just when you thought you were starting to have it covered in this brave new world of virtual technology, the time has come to set the record straight:  cloud computing technology is not virtualization technology.  Although each one may have a component of the other, these hyped up terms cannot be used interchangeably.


– Virtualization is a systems administrative and data management tool in which a single piece of hardware can perform multiple work tasks

Bottom line:  One physical computer pretending to be many computing environments

– Cloud Computing is internet-based computing in which resources, software, and information are shared and publicly available on demand.

Bottom line:  Many different computers pretending to be one computing environment

As many organizations begin looking for alternative solutions for managing their data, it is important to understand which tool would be more beneficial to their operations. Below are the 7 basic differences in a nutshell to guide you in making the best “virtual” decision to fit your needs:

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