The Reluctant Executive

We all have a role to play in our organization: he does the “techie” thing, she does the planning, and they will take care of the implementation. Even the supervisor can no longer just sit back and watch his staff just run with it!


So when it comes to writing business requirements, we all still have a role to play in our organization – together. In fact, for a project to be successful, even the business executives need to be part of writing the business requirements. They need to be engaged in the process to ensure that the product being developed supports the company’s strategies and objectives. However, we often times come across those executives who are not easily accessible or who cannot articulate the product goals. Below are a few steps for helping IT specialists to engage in productive exchanges with business executives:

1) Pinpoint a clear definition of the company’s strategy: This will force the executive to provide more clarity on the strategy envisioned and break it down into more achievable steps.

2) Obtain confirmation of your interpretation of the strategy: The specialist will need to meet with the executive to ensure that the defined strategy has been properly interpreted. Once confirmed, the specialist will still need to check back periodically with the executive (or a delegate) to make sure that the product is meeting the strategic goals.

3) Reinforce the need for executive engagement: For executives to remain engaged throughout the process, the IT specialist will need to communicate how important it is for his superior to be involved and also list out a few reasons why.

Effective communication between technical staff and their superiors is necessary for the success of writing business requirements which invariably translates to a successful product.

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