How can you ensure that you are on the path to developing the “right” software that will guarantee your project’s success? You must first be sure to acquire the proper techniques for writing the user requirements. Next, you need to identify the set of tests that will appropriately cover those requirements. Only then can you determine whether your software innovation is functioning as planned.



Sometimes, the biggest challenge in a project’s requirements phase can lie in simply trying to comprehend the testing requirements. If the particular requirements are not adequately written, then the testing will not accurately measure those requirements.

Our course will help you better gauge this delicate process by providing you with the tools for:

  • Designing and executing tests that confirm what the software is intended to do
  • Developing software that meets the needs and expectations of your clients and users

In the first part, pertaining to writing testable requirements, you will learn:

  1. What are testing requirements?
  2. How to design well written requirements so that they are written in a testable manner?
  3. How to identify poorly written requirements?
  4. What is the impact of incorrect and/or missing requirements in the software development process?

In the second part, relating to effective testing of requirements, you will understand the:

  1. Overall test process with an emphasis on test planning
  2. Range of test case design techniques

Armed with these tools, you will be sure to develop a better understanding of how to effectively develop software from its inception all the way up to its validation through testing. Take charge by designing the “right” requirements as well as learning to identify and solve potential problems. Only then can you implement your test planning process and ultimately achieve your goal of successful software development.

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