We are all creatures of habit.  Yet we must all work together towards a common organizational goal, keeping in mind all the different personalities and work styles we must contend with throughout the day.


For those IT professionals in a leadership position, these differences can be particularly overwhelming, especially when it comes time to conduct a yearly performance review.  But before even getting to that daunting annual task, as an IT leader you must realize that there are many opportunities to share feedback with your employees on a consistent basis.  Rather than waiting until the annual review arrives to start analyzing their work performance, you should be having a frequent dialogue with your employees about their productivity.  Of course, all of this hinges upon your communication skills as well as your listening skills.  Yes indeed – to be an effective leader in today’s IT world, you must be able to effectively communicate your expectations and listen to your team members.

For some IT professionals, it may just be that your leadership role may have been thrust upon you.  Nevertheless, you still have a responsibility to develop and hone your leadership skills.  This entails not only pursuing leadership skills training, but also being receptive to constructive feedback from your superiors as well as your own employees.

Given the global climate, IT leaders must be able to effectively give and receive feedback in a timely manner.  This two-way street of communicating and listening is the very foundation for IT leaders to create a successful team that knows how to develop optimal work processes.

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