Will the Real Cloud Provider Please Stand Up?

You may have heard this song and dance before: there are some companies out there that claim to be cloud providers but they turn out just to be posers. In their rush to get their cloud applications out to market, these so-called providers tend to skip some of the basic requirements, leaving information technology specialists with a sub-standard product on their hands that may potentially add more of a burden upon their workflow than anything.


Cloud applications are actually SaaS (Software-as-a -service), a service that is intended to provide the organization with a more cost-effective technological solution. Yet, many posers provide “solutions” that are simply not up to standard. They claim to have extraordinary features that are easy to implement. They also claim that they will guarantee the safety of your data, when in fact they do not even have the firewalls and encryption required to ensure this.

In the end, imposter applications simply deliver a mediocre solution that is not necessarily tailored to your organization’s business needs. The true providers deliver hassle-free solutions with seamless integrations that are built-in. So it is important not to get caught in the web and learn how to distinguish them from the real deal. An upcoming article will provide you with concrete tips on how to distinguish a true cloud provider from an imposter so that you can choose the solution that is right for you.

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