Zeroing in on Enterprise Analysis

The strategic analysis of a company has more recently come to be known as enterprise analysis. This approach involves a comprehensive evaluation of the business problem or need as well as the proposed business solution, if once has already been formulated. Following this, it takes a closer look at the proposed solution to determine whether it is indeed the best solution. In addition, this method involves conducting a detailed analysis of the solution’s inherent requirements, risks, and feasibility with respect to the existing business culture. The enterprise analysis is generally performed at the beginning of a project launch for traditional projects while it is usually executed throughout the project cycle for agile projects.


A proper enterprise analysis will consist of:

  • Identifying the critical core business need or needs
  • Describing the best solution for this need or these needs
  • Examining the proposed solution to ensure that it is effective and viable
  • Assessing the strategic risks and returns related to the proposed solution
  • Creating the corresponding business requirements
  • Developing a thorough business case

By performing an in-depth analysis of the enterprise, the stage is set for fully understanding and applying the findings which will eventually be useful to a variety of roles throughout the organization, such as business analysts, project managers, software engineers, business owners, and stakeholders. Each one of these positions can greatly benefit from the knowledge gleaned from a proper enterprise analysis which will lead to a better understanding of the functional role they play in the success of the organization.

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