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Eliciting and Documenting User Requirements with Use Cases

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Product Description

The course provides hands-on experience with use cases, today’s most widely accepted method of requirements capture.  The clear style and organization of use cases makes them well suited as a source of test cases; for communicating with both business stakeholders and developers; and as a preferred choice for persistent requirements documentation on both Waterfall and agile projects that need to ‘persist’ requirements for communication with non-agile teams and for future product changes.

In this course, you’ll walk through the requirements elicitation and documentation process over the course of a project, implementing the ‘use-case’ approach used widely in the industry, methodologies and standards (e.g., the UML, RUP, MSF, Use-Case 2.0). You’ll learn that ‘use cases’ are about much more than the documentation – that they are also an effective tool for structuring and facilitating elicitation events over the course of an IT Project.  You’ll learn how to phase in the analysis the ‘use-case’ way – starting from business use-case interviews that focus on business processes and services through to system use-case interviews that focus on user-IT interactions. The course also provides practical guidance on handling common analysis situations – such as how to model user authentication requirements, business rules and functional requirements when using the use-case approach.


  • IT Business Analysts
  • Project Leaders
  • Facilitators who will be leading requirements gathering sessions
  • Business Users who will be explaining business requirements to software developers
  • Systems Analysts expanding their role into the business realm.

Prerequisites: none


  • Identify the types of requirements that are included in the requirements documentation.
  • Understand how use cases fit into the requirements package.
  • Understand the relationship between the UML, Use Cases, Use Case 2.0 and agile.
  • Plan and execute interview sessions to elicit requirements over the course of a project using the use-case approach.
  • Document and model user requirements using the use-case approach.
  • Create the following sections of use-case documentation:
  • Basic Flow
  • Alternate Flows
  • Preconditions
  • Postconditions
  • Gain the confidence and skills to employ business and system use cases for requirements capture.
  • Be able to create documentation that conforms to the UML 2 standard.
  • Know when and how to use these advanced use-case features: Extends, Includes
  • Handle commonly-occurring business-requirements such as Log-In, IVR, and geography-dependant Web-sites.
  • Map use cases to other requirements documentation, such as the Data Model, Business Rules and Functional and Non-Functional Requirements.
  • (Supplementary) Understand how BPMN is used within the context of the use-case approach


Day 1:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Requirements Capture with Use Cases
  • Lesson 2: The Kick-off Meeting


  • Lesson 3: Analyze Business Use Cases
  • Lesson 4: Structure System Use Cases

Day 2:

  • Lesson 5: Describe System Use Cases/ Context and Basic Flow
  • Lesson 6: Describe System Use Cases/ Alternate and Exception Flows


  • Lesson 7: Describe Special Use Cases
  • Lesson 8: Map Use Cases to Other Project Models and Deliverables


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