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Negotiation Skills for IT Professionals

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Maximize your effectiveness as a negotiator and gain insight and understanding about your preferred personal negotiation style. Gain extensive practice in the skills and behaviors that will maximize your negotiation effectiveness. Learn what it takes to be an effective negotiator and how to maximize your effectiveness as a negotiator to achieve win/win results and preserve important business relationships.

Participants gain both theoretical and practical experience through a combination of lectures, workshops and negotiation simulations designed to improve negotiation skills.


Any IT professional who wants to improve their negotiation effectiveness and achieve win/win results.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • develop an effective plan and strategy for any negotiation,
  • know when, and when not, to negotiate,
  • develop a common negotiating language with the other parties,
  • use techniques that elicit information from the other parties during the negotiation process,
  • identify mutual interests and issues to avoid taking unnecessary positions,
  • neutralize manipulative tactics,
  • minimize conflicts and deadlocks when negotiating,
  • meet business objectives by focusing on planning,
  • identify negotiation tactics and strategies used by others and effectively neutralize these tactics.

Note: this course has extensive negotiation practice – approximately 80% of course time is spent in simulated negotiations for practical application of the techniques presented in the lectures.


Key learning components of this course include:

  • Defining effective win/win negotiation approaches and outcomes.
  • Defining the stages of negotiation – how to prepare for, and take a measured and staged approach to effectively negotiating any outcome.
  • Negotiation tactics – what tactics to use when, and how to identify what negotiation tactics the other party is using and how to counter those tactics.




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