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The BA Facilitator

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Product Description

This 2-day interactive workshop provides the methodology and skills required to facilitate well-formed client requirements sessions. As a value-added, each trainee receives a Facilitator’s Job Aids manual with valuable tools for use back on the job, including standard Meeting Agenda; Ground Rules for meetings, teleconferencing and Brainstorming sessions; scripts; templates for tools such as Polarity Maps and Fishbone Diagrams and detailed meeting guides for each type of meeting a BA may be asked to facilitate over the course of the project lifecycle.


  • Senior BAs
  • Other BAs and PMs tasked with facilitating requirements-gathering workshops


(BA001) Business Analyst’s Crash Course – or equivalent.


High-Level Objectives

  • Facilitate well-formed client requirements sessions.
  • Create a master plan for stakeholder analysis and engagement over a series of elicitation events.
  • Plan and prepare for individual meetings with stakeholders.

Detailed Objectives

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the role of the Facilitator in the Business Analysis context
  • Plan a series of meetings using a top-down approach that guides stakeholders to work from the general to the specific
  • Determine the right meeting sizes (number of attendees) and compositions over the course of an initiative
  • Prepare for a meeting by conducting pre-meeting interviews, determining inputs and outputs, developing meeting objectives, agendas, scripts and more
  • Perform stakeholder analysis, ensuring everyone is represented and that their agendas are identified
  • Conduct requirements meetings using a wide variety of formats such as Brainstorming, JAD, one-on-one interviews and more, and know when to use which elicitation approach
  • Define ground rules and roles for a meeting
  • Be proficient using a toolkit of facilitator techniques, such as polarity mapping, force-field analysis, de Bono Six Thinking Hats, root-cause analysis and more – and know which tool to use in which situation
  • Respond effectively to common challenges such as territorial and sensitivity issues and incomplete attendance
  • Formulate different types of questions over the course of a meeting – and be able to adapt questions and facilitation style to participant personality types
  • Manage conflicts for a positive outcome while keeping the meeting on track
  • Employ decision-making techniques to assist the group in ranking and prioritizing requirements
  • Record the outcome of the meeting in the appropriate format with the right level of detail



Day 1

  • Lesson 1: Overview of the facilitation role for Business Analysts
  • Lesson 2: Planning requirements meetings: Part A – Stakeholder Analysis
  • Lesson 3: Planning requirements meetings: Part B – The Big Plan
  • Lesson 4: Planning requirements meetings: Part C – Preparing for the Meeting

Day 2

  • Lesson 5: Running the meeting; Tools – Part A: Basic Tools
  • Lesson 6: Tools – Part B: Advanced Tools (Root-Cause Analysis, etc.)
  • Lesson 7: Tools – Part C: Decision-Making Tools; Coping with Challenges
  • Lesson 8: Managing conflict; Post-engagement



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